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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors have stepped forward with us to effect change to protect our children from abuse. We work hard to ensure that every dollar given is used wisely; our sponsors can feel confident their gifts make a difference.


Board of Directors

Gail Heath Davidson
VDSS Eastern Regional Office-CPS Consultant

Melynda Ciccotti
Secretary/Executive Director
Champions For Children: Prevent Child Abuse HR

Betty Wade Coyle
Advocacy Chair
Director Emeritus,
Champions For Children:
Prevent Child Abuse HR

Lynn Crump
Assistant Vice President, TowneBank

Larry Grossman
Community Solutions

Dr. Lucien Lombardo
Professor Emeritus
Old Dominion University

The Honorable Nancy Parr
Commonwealth’s Attorney, Chesapeake

Erinn Portnoy
Child Abuse Program, CHKD

Navine Fortune
Child Development Director, Norfolk State University



Melynda Ciccotti
Executive Director

Melynda Ciccotti’s career in school psychology and childhood development has led her to the front lines of combatting child abuse. Throughout her career, Melynda has encountered many unsafe situations for children and witnessed the compromised day-to-day functioning of a multitude of children facing traumatic personal, unsafe and harmful environments. Most recently, Melynda worked as Deputy Director for a Hampton Roads issue-oriented business group that provides private sector leadership to the Virginia Beach community. The work of this group focused on information gathering and problem solving for complex regional issues.

Melynda accepted the Executive Director position on a part- time basis in June 2015. Since that time, she has delivered, with a strong group of trained volunteers, a nationally recognized child abuse prevention program into the region for adults who care for children, including daycare providers, faith-based preschools staffers, public school employees, community nurses, and college students majoring in the human services field. Melynda is engaged in structuring the organization, first known as Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads, to optimize child abuse prevention efforts. “There is more to come,” says Melynda, “and with strong community support, we can effect positive change in Hampton Roads.”