No Hit Zone

A community where healthy child development is supported through safe and effective interactions that do not involve hitting

No Hit Zone – A Champions Project

Champions For Children: Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads is bringing the No Hit effort into Hampton Roads by adopting the No Hit Zone initiative as its current and ongoing major organization project.

No Hit Zone fosters a safe and caring environment and is a pathway to increased awareness of physical punishment and its close relationship to physical abuse. The No Hit Zone concept was originally created at Rainbow Babies Hospital in 2005. Since then, the program has been successfully implemented in over 30 pediatric hospitals in the United States and is used to keep children safe and the environment calm in hospital settings.

Core elements of the No Hit Zone initiative include education and staff training to ensure a safe and friendly environment. Posters and informational materials are provided for each launch site, clearly outlining the key rules of a No Hit Zone. Participating sites will receive comprehensive staff training’s on nonviolent conflict resolution and supportive communication, as well as distraction kits filled with child friendly toys to help diffuse potentially troublesome situations. By providing supportive and helpful intervention in times of stressful and potentially physical interactions, No Hit Zone sites help promote strategies to reduce physical punishment.

*Source: Kelly Dauk, MD, University of Louisville


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No Hit Zone program has four simple rules:

No adult shall hit another adult
No adult shall hit a child
No child shall hit an adult
And no child shall hit another child

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